After displaying “immoral” materials in front of his students… A doctor in Kuwait was referred for investigation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – In response to the issue that sparked widespread controversy in Kuwaiti circles, Kuwait University announced the referral of an academic staff member at the College of Medicine for investigation for presenting “obscene” materials to students while explaining a lecture.

The university said in a statement posted on its official page on Twitter: “His Excellency the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research directed the Kuwait University administration to form an investigation committee under Law No. 76 of 2019”.

Kuwait University added in its statement, saying that the directive includes “that the committee submits its report as soon as possible to the minister about the fact that a doctor in the College of Medicine showed videos that violate public morals to students while explaining the lecture,” she said.

The university’s acting director, Bader Al-Badawi, said: “All measures will be taken by the investigation committee and those found guilty will be referred to a disciplinary council.”

News of a doctor of psychology showing his students pornographic materials sparked widespread controversy and criticism that reached the parliament, as parliamentarian Fayez asked the public a question to the Minister of Education about the matter.

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