After his separation from Yasmine Sabry… What is the truth about Abu Hashima’s association with Mai Ezz El Din?

Still news The duo Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry She tops the scene, after the surprising and shocking news of their separation, just two years after their marriage.

That news was leaked by a source close to the duo, and neither of them responded to it, either by denial or confirmation, which made everyone deal with it as certain things.

However, what was shocking was what was circulated during the past hours, about the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima’s association with the artist Mai Ezz El-Din, and the matter spread widely through social networks.

Yasmine Sabry

This is the news that a famous Egyptian art critic was involved in, after Magda Khairallah published a post on her account on “Facebook”, declaring the matter sarcastically.

Mai Ezz El-Din is demanding 500 million pounds from the businessman in order to be able to secure her future in the two years, especially since the matter will not last longer than that.

The exit of these statements from Magda Khairallah made some doubt that the news circulated was actually sound, especially since it came out this time through a person from inside the artistic kitchen, which has already appeared in the audience’s comments on the words of Magda Khairallah.

However, the truth is that Magda Khairallah’s account was hacked and she completely lost control of it, which she asked her colleagues and friends to announce.

Indeed, her close friends were quick to comment and confirm that Magda Khairallah’s account was hacked, and that she no longer had the ability to control it and no longer publishes anything on it.

She denied that she was the one who published the news of the engagement of Abu Hashima and Mai Ezz El Din, so that the matter became a new episode of rumors that affect celebrities on such occasions.

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