Danya Milokhin threatened Channel One and confessed his love for Zhenya Medvedeva

Escaped to the USA Danya Milokhin continues to burn all the bridges in Russia. The popular tiktoker announced on social networks that he was preparing a devastating composition about Channel One.

“Ready to diss on Channel One! Want to?” — wrote tiktoker in his social networks.

In addition, Milokhin accused journalists of hype on his mother and confessed his love to Zhenya Medvedeva.

Recall that Tiktoker “threw” the producers of the popular show of the First Channel “Ice Age”. In the middle of filming the new season, the blogger said that he was tired and was leaving the project.

Thus, he greatly framed the creators of the program, as well as his partner, figure skater Evgenia Medvedev.

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