After his tackles on Parker and the Spurs, the news goes viral from Dejounte Murray!

Arrived in Atlanta during the last offseason, Dejounte Murray is preparing to find the Spurs, which he left after six seasons in San Antonio. The opportunity for him to return to his recent incendiary remarks with regard to the Texas franchise.

It all started with an innocuous discussion about his relationship with Tony Parker, with whom he shared the same locker room for two seasons. Without a filter in his words, Dejounte Murray then triggered an earthquake with his murderous exit about the mythical French leader. He had even gone beyond this simple settling of scores, and had decided to deliver the substance of his thoughts on the Spurs. Again shockingly.

Dejounte Murray clarifies on Spurs

A figurehead of San Antonio before joining the Hawks last summer, Murray did not seem to keep a good image of his stay in Texas. In any case, he took the liberty of drawing up an ugly portrait of the franchise, who supposedly categorized him for his background and his “ghetto” entourage. But before returning this Sunday to the AT&T Center with Atlanta, the leader wanted to come back to these viral comments:

I don’t know what people think about it. I control what I can control, and that’s how I think and talk. There are many people who are angry, many others who are happy. Real people, real humans, understand that it’s okay to say how we feel, and that we shouldn’t be judged for having more money or more popularity than everyone else. .

I feel like these are the people who are going to show me the love I deserve. Because at the end of the day, I love this city, I love the San Antonio Spurs franchise, I love the Austin Spurs, I love everything there. But what has to happen will happen. Still, I can’t wait to see the people I love and care about again.

A development that is again subject to controversy.

Anyway, Murray seems to want to make it clear that he harbors no animosity towards his former team. No more besides than towards Gregg Popovich, as he had already transcribed it recently. Better still, he thanks his former leaders between the lines for the treatment they were able to give him during his time there, but also and above all for the chance they gave him to shine in the NBA:

My truth, I draw it from my experience, and it is different from that of all the other people and players in this sport. In the end, I took more positives than negatives out of this whole situation, and it helped me to value relationships. And those relationships will last forever. I love Spurs because they gave me an opportunity when no one else gave me one.

Very incisive towards the Spurs and their icons a few weeks ago, Dejounte Murray does not necessarily withdraw his remarks, but comes to mitigate them with compliments for the franchise. What, perhaps, to obtain a more lenient welcome from the AT&T Center!

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