After rumors that Barbosa suffered a heart attack, the Government of Puebla says that he is under medical attention

PUEBLA, Pue., (appro) that he is “stable and without complications”.

In response to “various comments” that circulated on social networks “that speculate about the health of the governor,” the Puebla government stated in the statement:

“The head of the Executive is currently being evaluated by qualified personnel who are giving him follow-up and medical care, so his status is stable and without complications.”

He adds that as soon as there is something “relevant” to report about his health, it will be announced through official channels, “so it is requested to avoid speculation.”

According to unofficial versions, the president was urgently transferred to a hospital in Mexico City.

It should be noted that the president of Puebla suffers from diabetes, which led to the amputation of his right foot in 2013, for which he uses a prosthesis and must regularly use a wheelchair to move in large spaces, as occurred during the march organized on the 4th December in support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the 4T.

In addition, it is common knowledge that the diabetes he suffers from has caused him vision problems, so he constantly has a person at his side who informs him about the identity of his interlocutors or guides him to move in public settings, take a seat, etc.

It should be noted that this Wednesday the president is scheduled to go to the State Congress to deliver his fourth government report, but Monday and Tuesday his morning conferences were canceled and he did not attend the relaunch of the International Baroque Museum held on Monday night.

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