Online pre-registration begins for the basic level of education

Photo: Focus Agency Liliana Tecpanecatl | Tribuna News01/30/2021 , 4:24 pm Puebla, Pue.- February begins and with it the pre-registration process for all minors who … Read more

Rebelde: the confessions of Lisardo Guarinos, a Spaniard who conquered Mexico | Telenovelas | Novelas nnda nnlt | FAME

Today, the name of Lisardo Guarinos Riera is very famous in Mexico and throughout Latin America for his participation in “Rebel”, The youth telenovela produced … Read more

Supports BUAP Medicine graduate program for people with COVID-19

Special Newsroom Newsroom01/18/2021 , 5:35 pm Puebla, Pue.- The COVID-19 pandemic, that has affected millions of people in the world, has made it possible to … Read more