After “scandalous comments”, the family of a movie star defends him: He is a person full of excessive decency

2023-12-17 13:52:42

On Sunday, the family of Gerard Depardieu denounced an “unprecedented conspiracy” against the French film star accused of rape, who faces a new campaign of criticism due to comments made by him in a documentary recently shown in France.

Growing accusations of harassment, as well as recently broadcast footage of Depardieu making explicit comments, have reignited debate about discrimination against women and violence in French cinema.

Culture Minister Rima Abdel Malik said this week that the 74-year-old actor’s comments were “shameful” for France, noting that he might also be stripped of the Legion of Honor, the country’s highest honor.

A number of his family members, including his daughter, actress Julie Depardieu, said in a letter published by the French newspaper “Journal du Dimanche” on Sunday: “Of course, we are often shocked by Gerard’s comments, but our father/grandfather/uncle became the target of an unprecedented conspiracy.”

Family members expressed their dissatisfaction with the “collective anger” against the actor, saying that “in private, with his children, he is a person full of caution, sensitivity, and even excessive decency!”

Yesterday, Saturday, the movie star’s lawyer told Agence France-Presse that he would place the Legion of Honor award he received at the disposal of the French Minister of Culture.

Minister Rima Abdel Malik said that “disciplinary action” had been taken to determine whether he would be stripped of the country’s highest honor.

The two lawyers also wondered whether part of Abdel Malik’s role was to participate “with great momentum in the persecution process” and the “media execution” to which they say their client is being subjected.

Depardieu was accused of rape in 2020, and also faced 13 charges of sexual harassment or assault.

Earlier this month, a documentary broadcast by the French public channel France 2 on December 7 showed clips of the actor during a 2018 trip to North Korea, showing him making repeated comments containing explicit insinuations in the presence of a female translator. Documentary: A little girl riding a horse.

Depardieu denied committing any wrongdoing in this regard.

Yesterday, Saturday, a Belgian municipality stripped Depardieu of the title of honorary citizen. A few days ago, the Canadian province of Quebec withdrew its highest honor from the actor because of his “scandalous” comments against women.

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