After singing for Jerusalem… Muhammad Mounir renews his support for the Palestinians with a new work

2023-10-24 05:47:00

Artist Mohamed Mounir decided to leave Germany during the past few hours and return to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in order to prepare a new singing work for the benefit of the children of Gaza, as an expression of his solidarity with the Palestinian cause and his rejection of the attacks and violations practiced by the Israeli occupation army against the Palestinian people.

One of Mounir’s close associates revealed this surprise to his fans, as he posted on his Facebook account a picture of himself on the plane, explaining that he is preparing in the coming hours to record a new song in which he supports the Palestinian cause.

This news received interaction among his fans, especially since it is not the first time he has presented an artistic work denouncing the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Mounir was one of the first singers of his generation to sing for Jerusalem, through a song titled “Jerusalem,” in which he collaborated with the poet Magdy Naguib and the composer Hani Shenouda. It was supposed to be released in 1977, but the political circumstances at the time did not allow it, as it was signed. The Camp David Accords between the Egyptian and Israeli sides, but it was released in 1986 in his album “Innocent”.

Mounir sang for the Palestinian uprising that took place in the year 1987, through his play “The King is the King.” At that time, he presented a song written by the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, and its words say: “Oh, how much love is coming, how much love is there for me, stabbing daggers, and there is no vile rule over me.” And he was He sings it while imitating throwing stones like the Palestinians do.

In 2018, Mounir released his song “Taq Taqiya”, written by the poet Ahmed Marzouk and composed by Muhammad Rahim. The work team inspired its idea from a popular Palestinian song and game for children aged five years, also called the “Postman” game, and he attracted attention through it. To the right of Palestinian children to live in peace like the children of other peoples.

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