Unusual Cases of Penile Entrapment and the Dangers of Intentional Penis Exercises: Urgent Release Required

2023-10-24 05:24:32

Similar cases are common in the United States… In severe cases, the penis may be amputated.

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The bizarre behavior of a foreign health trainer to increase the number of members is attracting attention. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]The bizarre behavior of a foreign health trainer to increase the number of members has become a hot topic. They believed that increasing the size of their penis, just as they used exercise equipment to increase their body muscles, could be a groundbreaking exercise method for male members.

According to a report in the British daily newspaper Daily Mail, a 24-year-old trainer living in India came up with a method because he thought he could increase the size of his penis just as he had grown his biceps and quadriceps (leg muscles) through weight training.

The method he came up with was to insert his flaccid penis into a hole in a metal plate weighing about 3 kg and lift the metal plate with his erect penis. As soon as it started, his penis started to feel mild pain and swelling, but he ignored it. Meanwhile, he continued stimulating the penis without stopping.

What is the outcome of this behavior?
The man ended up having to go to the hospital with a metal plate hanging from his penis. It is said that he had to travel for two hours with a metal plate attached to his penis, and that his relatives accompanied him to support him.

Dr. Jaisukh Kalatya, a urologist in Gujarat, India, whom the man visited, said, “The man tried to remove the metal plate as the intensity of pain and swelling in his penis increased, but was unable to do so. He was embarrassed and rushed to the hospital.” I explained the situation.

Dr. Kalatia expressed, “The man’s penis looked as if it had been imprisoned in a piece of metal.” Urologists, including Dr. Kalatia, tried to push the plate out using painkilling gel, but the plate did not budge. Medication was administered to relieve the swelling of the swollen penis, but he did not respond even to this.

In the end, after using various methods, I was able to reduce the swelling of the penis and finally remove the metal plate. The man was discharged the next day.

It may be said to be a foolish and unusual incident, but similar ‘intentional penile entrapment accidents’ have often been reported before. Penile incarceration (strangulation) is a real emergency, usually occurring in patients with mental illness or those attempting extreme sexual arousal.

According to ‘Patients Visiting the Hospital Due to Bizarre Accidents’ reported by Robert Hartman, a doctor who runs a urology clinic in Illinois, an American man in his 60s put his wedding ring on his genitals for sexual pleasure and was unable to take it off again. The man received treatment at the hospital, but it is said that his condition was so severe that the ring caused his genitals to become red and swollen and necrotic.

Doctors say that if pressure continues while the penis is stuck, the blood vessels and body tissues can be damaged, which can lead to necrosis if done incorrectly, so the binding must be released urgently. In the worst case, it is a dangerous act that even requires penile amputation.

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