After getting laid, astronauts risk suffering from erectile dysfunction!

2023-12-02 06:00:00 According to tests carried out on rats, the cosmic rays to which astronauts are exposed could cause erectile dysfunction (note the subtlety of the illustrative image). Anthony Kaczmarek 02/12/2023 07:00 4 min THE conclusions of this study conducted by American researchers and published in The FASEB Journala journal specializing in experimental biosciences, are, … Read more

Unusual Cases of Penile Entrapment and the Dangers of Intentional Penis Exercises: Urgent Release Required

2023-10-24 05:24:32 Similar cases are common in the United States… In severe cases, the penis may be amputated. Entered 2023.10.24 14:24 Views 140 Entered 2023.10.24 14:24 Modified 2023.10.24 14:30 Views 140 The bizarre behavior of a foreign health trainer to increase the number of members is attracting attention. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]The bizarre behavior of a foreign health … Read more

Understanding Frontotemporal Dementia: Bruce Willis’ Battle and Its Impact on Family Life

2023-09-26 15:00:46 The wife of the famous Hollywood star Bruce Willis announced that the initial diagnosis of her husband’s illness showed that he suffers from what is known as frontotemporal dementia. Emma Heming, the actor’s wife, spoke in an interview with the American channel NBC, how her husband’s illness affected their family life. The wife … Read more

“Somalia’s Stray Bullet Vagina Trauma: The First Recorded Case in Medical History”

2023-04-27 06:57:54 A woman in Somalia, East Africa, was resting at home when she was shot into her vagina by an unknown stray bullet. After being rushed to the hospital, the bullet was found stuck in her clitoris. (Photo/International Journal of Surgery Case Reports) A woman in Somalia, East Africa, was resting at home when … Read more

Penis scandal surrounding City star Kyle Walker: Now Pep Guardiola is getting involved Sports

Lots of beer and a shot – and the hangover afterwards… The penis scandal surrounding ManCity sar Kyle Walker (32) is dragging on. Now coach Pep Guardiola (52) is also commenting on the scandal surrounding his full-back, who in a bar – obviously heavily intoxicated – had exposed himself to several women, one of the … Read more

Kylie Jenner mocked for the meaning of her son’s new name in Arabic

Stormi, North, Saint, True, Reign… We know it: the Kardashian family is fond of short and original first names. This time around, the 25-year-old influencer and rapper Travis Scott have set their sights on Aire. Kylie Jenner made the presentations officially on her Instagram account on January 21. The photos of the newly renamed baby … Read more

The temperature in the UK has reached 40 degrees!Drone was so hot that “convulsive ejaculation” GG squirted out of the body and tragically died-International-Free Times Newsletter

The United Kingdom was hit by a heat wave. The extreme high temperature for several days caused the drone to be so hot that it “convulsively ejaculates”, and GG spewed out of the body and died tragically. Schematic. (AFP) 2022/07/22 17:25 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The United Kingdom has been hit by a heat wave recently, and … Read more