The temperature in the UK has reached 40 degrees!Drone was so hot that “convulsive ejaculation” GG squirted out of the body and tragically died-International-Free Times Newsletter

The United Kingdom was hit by a heat wave. The extreme high temperature for several days caused the drone to be so hot that it “convulsively ejaculates”, and GG spewed out of the body and died tragically. Schematic. (AFP)

2022/07/22 17:25

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]The United Kingdom has been hit by a heat wave recently, and various places are covered in extremely high temperatures. On the 19th, it soared to 40.3 degrees Celsius, breaking the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom. Such an extreme climate has led British biologists to discover that a large number of drones in the territory are under great pressure due to the high temperature, causing them to “convulse ejaculation” in the hot sun, and eventually die of shock after ejecting their penis from the body.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the United Kingdom has suffered from extreme weather recently. There have been hot and high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius for several consecutive days. Not only are the train tracks bent, the airport runway melted, and fires broke out in various parts of the capital, it is also frequently reported that many people are breathing. Difficulty, dizziness, fainting and other heat injury conditions, and was rushed to the hospital.

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This extreme climate has also caused local creatures to face a crisis of death. British biologists have observed that many drones are unable to withstand the extreme high temperature for days, and their bodies are constantly pumping, followed by explosive ejaculation. The penis, which is about the size of the abdomen, is extruded from the body and eventually causes the drone to die of shock.

According to current research, male bees have only half the chromosomes of female bees, so they are more susceptible to and stress when faced with heat and pesticides. After experiencing high temperature, drones will convulse, ejaculate, and die within 6 hours. If the drones are more sensitive to temperature, they may “die out of sperm” within 2 or 3 hours.

Alison McAfee, a Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia, said, “We still don’t know why the drones will die from ejaculation due to excessive heat stress,” and mentioned the situation of “ejaculation and death”. Usually occurs when mating with a queen, the drone will be hollowed out in the abdomen after ejaculation, which is why the drone will die immediately after mating.

Although female worker bees are mainly responsible for producing honey in the ecology of bees, the drones play an extremely important role in the continuation of the offspring of the colony. This will lead to a more serious ecological crisis. McCaffrey is currently working with a team of researchers on how to keep the hive cool and avoid the crisis of continued mass mortality of the drones.

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