Penis scandal surrounding City star Kyle Walker: Now Pep Guardiola is getting involved Sports

Lots of beer and a shot – and the hangover afterwards…

The penis scandal surrounding ManCity sar Kyle Walker (32) is dragging on.

Now coach Pep Guardiola (52) is also commenting on the scandal surrounding his full-back, who in a bar – obviously heavily intoxicated – had exposed himself to several women, one of the women with whom he is said to be friends, also groped and kissed her should have.

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Pep said: “This is a private matter. We’ll sort this out internally. This is not the place to talk about such a private situation.” He also warned the young players in the team in particular to behave appropriately when they are in public: “You already know that. When you open the front door, you need to know that you are being filmed. It’s part of society.”

The dirty soap opera with the disturbing details fills the pages of the tabloids (not only) in England. It is far from the first incident involving Kyle Walker. The England international is married and has three children with his wife Annie (30). In addition, Walker, known for his love missteps, has another child with model Lauryn Goodman.

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Photo: Martin Rickett/dpa

The 32-year-old celebrated after City’s 2-0 win over Newcastle United. Around 5.30 a.m. he and friends entered the bar, he drank and danced, letting down his pants at least twice, according to the images of a surveillance camera, each time in front of women. Later he grabbed the breasts of one of the women he apparently knew and kissed her. This was NOT his wife Annie.

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The deceived player’s wife should – understandably – be “not amused”. So far she had apparently forgiven her husband for all his missteps. Now the measure, as reported by the English media, is full.

Annie last wrote on Instagram. “There comes a time when you must stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump in a puddle for you.” She later deleted the post.

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