After the collision of trains at Pernink, the train drivers were detained. What I did, he sobbed, according to the witness

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The accident happened on Tuesday after 3 p.m. Two dead remained on the spot. According to the rescue service, 22 people were injured, nine of them moderately to severely.

“One of the train drivers was sitting there on a slope next to the tracks, lamenting ‘What did I do, what I did …’ He sobbed and held his head,” one of the locals, who helped transport injured ATVs on the tracks, described Práva. , described.

The Regionova and Regioshark Czech Railways trains collided. One train went from Karlovy Vary to Johanngeorgstadt, Germany, and the other in the opposite direction. The collision occurred on a D3 line, the control of which is based on the human factor. It is at the station in Pernink that both connections intersect and are supposed to wait there.

Havlíček: Failure of the human factor

“It is obvious that there was a failure of the human factor,” said Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček (for YES) about the collision of trains in the Karlovy Vary region on ČT without details.

“At the time of the collision, about 30 people, including train staff, were traveling on the trains. The patients are gradually being taken to hospitals. The police have launched an investigation into the case of suspected negligence. We detained one person,” said police spokeswoman Zuzana Týřová. According to ČTK, he is the driver of a train going to Karlovy Vary.

Rescue equipment at the scene of an accident

Photo: Jiří Svoboda / Twitter

The accident happened in inaccessible mountainous terrain, where there are steep slopes on both sides of the track, which made it difficult for rescuers to intervene. Both cabins of the sets were demolished. Helicopters flew for the wounded.


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