After the death of the artist Samir Sabry… his relatives entered his bedroom and when they opened the cupboard, they were astonished and discovered the shock of a lifetime.!!

Egyptian art critic Amr Sahsah revealed new details about the life of the late artist Samir Sabry and what they found in his bedroom after his death.

He said that the late artist Sabri had recently realized that his death had become close, and that it was inevitably coming, especially after the treating doctor informed him that his heart was very tired.

And that he is liable to stop at any time, so he was afraid to sit in his house with the engineers alone, lest he leave without anyone noticing him.

He added that the late decided to stay in one of the major hotels in the Zamalek area, and hosted his friend Mustafa Abdel Salam, and gave him an amount of 100,000 pounds, the costs of the ambulance that would transport him from the hotel to the hospital in the event of his death, in addition to the expenses of his funeral and condolences.

He also continued that Sabri died just as he expected, in his room at his residence hotel, in which an amount of 30,000 pounds, a Rolex watch, and a gold chain were found, and they were kept until the real heirs were obtained to hand over his belongings, namely Laila, his cousin and her siblings.

And about the late’s private life, Sahsah confirmed that it was a red line, which he never wanted to talk about.

It is noteworthy that the body of the Egyptian artist Samir Sabry was buried, last Saturday, from the Police Mosque in the Sheikh Zayed area in Giza Governorate, and was buried in the family cemetery in Alexandria, his hometown, and a large number of art stars were keen to attend the funeral.

The artist, Samir Sabry, died on Friday morning, after a struggle with illness, at the age of 85, in a hotel, leaving a great artistic legacy.

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