Revenue exceeds a billion euros! The 10 Most Expensive Players Monaco Sold Out

Monaco earns more than 1 billion euros from player sales. Since the 21st century, how much have they earned each season and who are the top 10 players who have made the most money for them?

Monaco is regarded as one of the clubs that make the most money in the football business. Especially since the 21st century, they have earned more than €1 billion from the sale of players.

Many famous superstars such as James Rodriguez, Youri Tielemans, Bernardo Silva, Fabinho or Kylian Mbappe have all been traded. shin with them and make big money for the club when the team moves

In each season since the 21st century, who are Monaco’s most expensive players and how much do they earn each season? Let’s take a look

The 10 Most Expensive Players Monaco Sold Out

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