Again: police seize iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods in Recife

2023-12-01 18:51:00

It has become a habit: every now and then, we report seizures of electronic devices from Apple of dubious origin, by some security agency.

At the beginning of last month, we talked about a seizure of over R$500,000 worth of Maçã products at Recife Airport. Well now, we have a similar case and in the same location!

This time, an 18-year-old girl was arrested red-handed by the Federal Police on Thursday (November 30), for taking a large quantity of products without presenting an invoice or other form of proof of the devices’ legality.

The incident took place at the airport located in the capital of Pernambuco, where she intended to continue her journey to São Paulo. In total, according to the agency, 17 cell phones, 14 smartwatches and 5 wireless headphones were seized with her (more precisely in her hand luggage).

As we can carefully observe in the images available, all of these products are from Apple, including iPhones 15 Pro/15 Pro Max, AirPods (3rd generation and Pro)in addition to Apple Watches of different generations.

In addition to these electronics, the police also found seven ampoules of testosterone with the passenger — who will be charged with the crimes of embezzlement and falsification of therapeutic or medicinal products.

The sentences, combined, can reach 19 years in prison.

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