Against Lambropoulos-Lianos? – The line that left question marks – 2024-04-18 12:16:34

In fact, he spoke with Giorgos Lianos about the new television project he will present, “My man can”.

The comedian told the survival reality show host: ‘I’m so glad you’ve come out and finally someone else can do a show. My aim is to become the new George Lianos and then present Survivor”.

Giorgos Lianos said to him along the way: “Are you ready for what awaits you? It is a program that has many requirements. You should wear heels. You will be dealing with couples who live a happy life but that is a lie because those of us who are married gossip.”

Some time ago, it was announced that the comedian, presenter and radio producer will present the game show “My Man Can” on SKAI.

It will feature couples who think they know everything about each other, with Fanis Lambropoulos doing his best to reveal their weak spot.

In statements made by Fanis Lambropoulos on the show “Fay’s Time”, he had referred to his return to television.

“My return to television is being discussed, I have received proposals, SKAI has also come, I am doing the hard work and we will see. There is always a flirtation with television, but it remains a flirtation. That’s been the problem for so long. It was platonic and now I hope it’s my moment,” he said.

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