Boys admit: – We were behind the fire in the solar centre

On Tuesday evening there was a fire in the Tropic Sun solar center in Klarup.

Some paper had caught fire in a bin in one of the sun cabins, and witnesses saw two people running from the scene.

There were three people in the solar center when the fire started, but they got out quickly. The fire also created thick, black smoke.

Two 16-year-olds arrested

In the investigation, the police have reviewed video surveillance, among other things, and on Wednesday the police arrested two 16-year-old boys.

– They have admitted to having been in the solar center and to have caused the fire, but they say that it was not their intention to burn the solar centre, says Police Commissioner Carsten Straszek from North Jutland Police.

The two young boys from the local area are now charged with arson. They have subsequently been released, which is due to their young age and their full confession of the course of events.

The fire started when some paper was set on fire in a rubbish bin.
Photo: Bo Lehm

Investigation follows

Based on the arrest and charge of the two 16-year-old boys, the police must now try to clarify what the intention was when they set fire to the paper.

– We still need some fire technical investigations in relation to the danger of the fire, because there were other people in the solar center who may have been in danger, says the police commissioner.

It is decisive whether the investigations show whether the boys caused danger to customers in the solar center or only damage to equipment.

– We must have clarified what the intention was when they set fire to the solar centre, says Carsten Straszek.

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