Against The Current – Nightmares & Daydreams 2023 World Tour – 15.11.2023, Simm City Wien – Live Review

2023-11-22 14:09:56

Event: Nightmares & Daydreams 2023 World Tour, Simm City Wien
Bands: Against the Current, LØLØ, Calleamour
VVK € 34,99 Sold Out
Genre: Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter, Synth

In recent years there have been Against The Currentconsisting of singer Chrissy Constanzaguitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri, built international recognition and loyalty. On their fourth world tour Nightmares & Daydreams 2023 World Tour They also stopped in Vienna at Simm City and got the audience dancing with their pop, rock and indie songs.

As reinforcements were CALLMEMOR and LØLØ as an opener at the start – Due to different timetables on several websites, our report starts with LØLØ!

Hits from the 2000s, pom poms and electric guitar

The room was already well filled with fans and accompanying people of all ages LØLØ entered the stage and performed her gig Junkie ushered in. She danced, jumped and interacted with the audience. Their songs are reminiscent of TikTok pop with rock elements and some recorded passages from hits from the 2000s, which also got the older audience dancing.

In between, she shared her personal interpretation of failed relationships and toxic thoughts. She also asked questions, laughed and interacted warmly with the fans. For some songs like for example u turn me on (but u give me depression) she unpacked her electric guitar, causing the young audience to jump and celebrate. Pom poms and cell phone lights were also held in the air and waved to the beat. After almost an hour they said goodbye LØLØ with a thank you gesture, posed for fans and left the stage.

Lots of energy, fun and powerful songs

Just 30 minutes later, the stage was filled with fog and the room was drenched in red light. Dan Gow, Will Ferri and touring bassist David Whitmore took the stage and voted good guy at. Followed shortly afterwards Chrissy Constanza and performed the song energetically. The audience sang along loudly and jumped in time with the singer.

Despite her 155cm height, she effortlessly filled the stage – running, jumping, waving her arms in the air and singing effortlessly. Her infectious energy fit perfectly with the energetic and powerful songs like Again And Again and That Won’t Save Us. Also in the acoustic performances of Almost Forgot and Chasing Ghosts the singer knew how to channel her energy. A special highlight during the acoustic performances was that Will Ferri Sitting at the edge of the stage, deeply relaxed, playing the classical guitar.

Warm-heartedness and authenticity

There was no lack of interaction – the band reported authentically and heartwarmingly about their visit to the Christmas market and joked about snow angels. The setlist was a colorful mix of two albums and four EPs and left nothing to be desired. The stage lighting was minimalist and reflected the mood of each song.

Against The Current ended the evening after around an hour and a half with their cover version of Legends Never Die and her song Weapon.

The concert was definitely sold out for a reason – it was a musical journey of Tik Tok and YouTube sensations who have found their place in the music scene and will grow even more prominent in the future.

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