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【Now Sports】Agulu suddenly felt chest discomfort during the live broadcast on social networks in the middle of the week. He suspected that it was an irregular heartbeat, but he did not go to the hospital for medical treatment.

After finishing his playing career, Sergio Aguero still maintains a certain degree of exposure and interacts with fans through social networks from time to time. The former Argentine star and the famous Spanish network anchor Ibai Llanos will do a live broadcast on the social platform twitch again on Wednesday, but on the way Worrying things happened.

During the live broadcast, Agulu suddenly pressed his hand to his chest, showing an uncomfortable expression on his face. Llanos noticed that his expression was different and asked, “Brother, what’s the matter?” Agulu responded, “I think… I think I just had a cardiac arrhythmia.” When Llanos asked if he wanted to see a doctor, Aguru said, “No, no, because I have a chip inside me that detects what’s going on and sends out a signal.”

When Agulu played against Elavis for Barcelona in October last year, he retired from the line of fire in the first half due to chest discomfort, and later confirmed that his heart rhythm was abnormal. Based on health considerations, Agulu finally announced his retirement. Own professional player career, and actively make treatment.

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