Agutin showed how Varum looks without makeup and in sweatpants

Also on the singer one could notice a clearly cramped top.

Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum. Photo:

Musician Leonid Agutin on Instagram shared a beautiful photo in a large company from his home. He spent the evening with close friends.

Leonid Agutin with his wife and friends
Leonid Agutin with his wife and friends. Photo:

At the same time, users drew attention to the appearance of the wife of Agutin, singer Angelica Varum. On the footage, the 52-year-old actress starred without makeup, in stretched sweatpants and an obviously tight top.

“We had a great time! Long time no see. They sang and read and joked. In general, everything was as it should. We parted quite early. Getting old. Although not without a bit of coquetry, I am still talking about this, for we have the most cheerful dad. Under the auspices of tradition, the guests were forced to take pictures in different corners of the room. “

Leonid Agutin

Recall that Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin together since 1997. They have a common daughter Elizabeth-Maria, who, like her star parents, is passionate about music.

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