Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki reveal the secret of their love story and the success of their marriage over the course of 21 years

2023-11-18 05:00:00

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Great love and a long marriage brought the two stars together Ahmed Helmy and Mona ZakiThey celebrate their birthday today, as it also coincides with the same day. They not only met for marriage and love of art, but also on the same day of birth, and since their marriage for about 21 years, they are keen on every occasion or meeting to express their sincere love for each other.

Helmy said in one of the television interviews about his relationship with Mona Zaki: My story with Mona Zaki is a crazy story with all its details, and when people change in each other, they are not complete, but we discovered that when we changed in some many things, the change turned out to be healthy for both of us and our relationship, and it was not in anything important. Oh, on the contrary, it was very disruptive.”

Ahmed Helmy and Mona Zaki

He also expressed his intense love for her, continuing his speech: “Mona is the reason for many stages for me on the human and professional levels as well. Indeed, behind every great man is a woman greater than him, who has a quantity of honesty in a complimentary world… So how can you be an honest person with yourself and with others?” She is not polite and tells the truth in a nice way, and this is what I learned from her, and she is a real support for me, and I see myself through her.”

Helmy with Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki also expressed her love for her life partner, Ahmed Helmy, in more than one meeting and occasion, saying: “Ahmed Helmy is my gift from God. He taught me the meaning of tolerance. He always understands the circumstances of my work, loves my success, and encourages me to be better. That’s why I adore him.”

In another meeting, she noted: “He was very supportive of me, and I am lucky that he understood my job and I understood his, and that he has a degree of tolerance and love, and he understood that the home and our children are a common need between him and me, and work has its time.”

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