Aida Ishak Koussa

Her children are the widow of her late son Ragheb Attia, Karen Aoun and her children

Ghassan Andrew, Temara and Mark

The late Emil

Soha, wife of Raoul Derian


The children of her late brother Wadih Koussa and their families

Her two sisters, the late Amal, the wife of the late Wahab Attia

Laila, the widow of Georges Roiheb, her children and their families

The daughters of her father-in-law, Lily, the widow of Atta Attia, her children and their families

The children of the late Mona, the widow of Mounir Attia, and their families

The late Basima Abdo

All the families of Attia, Koussa, Derian, Aoun, Royheb, Abdo, Al-Haj, Nassar, Bitar, Hakim and all the families of Beno (Akkar) and their relatives in the homeland and abroad mourn with more sorrow their dear late loss

Aida Ishak Koussa

The widow of the late Ghassan Ragheb Attieh

She passed away yesterday, Wednesday, September 14, 2022, completing her religious duties.

The funeral service will be held at 12 noon today, Thursday, 15th of it, in the Evangelical Church, Riad El Solh, opposite the Government House.

Condolences will be accepted tomorrow, Friday, 16th of it, in Charles Saad Hall, Evangelical Church, Riad El Solh, opposite the Government House, from eleven o’clock in the morning until five in the afternoon.

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