AK Schweitzer: Energy gives Wiener Stadtwerke high profits – prices down!

2023-04-19 16:49:31

Now the Vienna Fairness Commission must also take action

Vienna (OTS) Now Wiener Stadtwerke, with its high profits, has also joined the group of those who benefit from the enormous energy prices. “Wien Energie must submit further proposals on how it intends to use the profits to noticeably reduce electricity and gas prices. Discounts and subsidies alone are not enough,” says the AK Division Manager for Economics, Tobias Schweitzer. From the point of view of AK, it is urgently necessary for Wien Energie customers to be financially relieved in the long term. Dampening inflation is the order of the day: Price reductions relieve consumers, reduce the inflation rate and thus help twice.

The doubling of district heating prices last year also led to a massive financial burden for many Viennese households. “In view of the high profits and the falling gas prices at the wholesale level, we call on the responsible municipal authority to initiate a new pricing procedure according to the price law. Because with the falling gas prices, the economic framework has changed – and customers should benefit from this quickly.”
The specially established fairness commission is to take action for this purpose. She must ensure that falling wholesale prices are quickly passed on to customers.
Furthermore, the AK calls for an expansion of the area of ​​activity of the fairness commission from district heating to include electricity and gas.

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