Al-Arabiya anchor, Fatena El-Gamal, falls into a fit of hysterical laughter after a famous preacher flirts with her live on the air.. This is what happens in the bedrooms.!! (video)

Al-Arabiya TV presenter inquired of the Egyptian Islamic preacher Sheikh Mabrouk Attia whether his ironic method was

In answering the callers’ questions, it is a kind of media review as a kind of difference, but he denied this completely, stressing that it is not an artificial method and that this is his nature.

The announcer added that he uses some words that some consider “slander”, such as “fatwa”, but he said that linguistically it does not mean a bad meaning, and to whom it means the strength of the structure.

During the conversation, Attia mentioned the word “my love” to the announcer, and she asked him if it was normal for him to say to her, “My love,” to surprise her by replying: “It is normal that you say my love, ah, of course my love is the hope of my enemy, and if you were not my love, I would not have come to you,

Is love standing on two in the bedroom? Love is a meaning that unites people.” Al-Arabiya broadcaster was surprised by Attia’s statement and was exposed to a fit of hysterical laughter, saying: “By God, I am not able, thank you very much, Doctor. You are one of the nicest characters we have hosted.”

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