Al-Dingwan Rushdi Abaza reveals the secrets of the hot “kiss” that made this beautiful artist lose her balance and fell unconscious on the ground.

In this report, we refer to the most prominent stars of art in Egypt, the Arab world, as the man who turned the “Dengwan”, as the audience and critics call it.

He starred in the movie “Woman on the Road” in 1958 with Shukri Sarhan, Zaki Rostom and Hoda Sultan. It was directed by the late Ezz El-Din Zulficar. After that, he presented films of great value such as “Jamila Bouhired and Islam, and in our house there is a man and the road and there is no time for love and demons.” The three and the wife are 13 and young for love.”

Rushdi Abaza is an attractive and comfortable face, giving his owner brilliance and charm, becoming the focus of women’s attention and the knight of their dreams, deserving the title of “Dingwan”, so far, despite the passage of 37 years since his departure, to remain a legend that will not be repeated, girls love him, and the knight of their dreams is still the late artist Rushdi Abaza Who revealed the strangest kiss he had been waiting for in his life until the heroine before him fell to the ground afterwards.

The late star told, before his departure, about kisses in his life in an interview with Al-Shabaka magazine, and recounted the strangest kisses that he collected with female artists in films, where he said: “An artist who left cinema now had a beginning of understanding between me and her, or you could say that it was the smell of love, or the initiation of it, and I was touching Her hand while we were acting trembles, and I feel this, so I take her in kindness and take her seriously in performance so that her trembling does not become a disturbance from which the dialogue is lost or her mistake is forgotten.”

He recounted behind the scenes filming that scene, saying: I waited for the day when the kiss would be with impatient patience, because it was with such tenderness and sensitivity that it made me want to kiss her, and on that day she came with a blemished face and stood on the plateau listening to the director as if he was a hard-hearted judge judging her with kisses.. and the camera turned and approached me and in Her eyes begged more than love, and she came closer, then threw herself into my arms, and closed her lips as ordered by the director, and as the author’s imagination, and as the inevitability of the scene.

The late star married 5 times, and his first wife was the artist, Tahia Karioka. Their marriage took place in 1952, and their marriage lasted 3 years. As for Barbara, the American, she was his second wife, and he gave birth to his only daughter, “Kesm,” and their marriage lasted 4 years and he divorced her in 1959, and Samia Gamal was his third wife. In 1962, their marriage lasted for nearly 18 years, and she separated from him in 1977. Sabah was his fourth wife. He married her in 1967 and divorced her two weeks later. Samiya Gamal was his wife, and Nabila Abaza was his fifth wife, knowing that she was his cousin he married in 1979, two years before his death.

Al-Dingwan died on July 27, 1980 at the age of fifty-three years, after suffering from brain cancer. He participated in his last work, “The Mighty”, which he could not finish. The able artist Salah Nazmi completed it in his place after his death. And his mother is of Italian descent, and the Abaza family acquired this title from the nationality of their mother, the wife of Sheikh Al-Ayed, who was from the Abaza region.

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