Al-Houthi announces the targeting of Eilat and 6 ships within 72 hours

Sanaa – The Yemeni Houthi group announced, on Tuesday, that it had targeted the city of Eilat in southern Israel and carried out 6 “specific” military operations, most of which were against American and British ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden during the past 72 hours.

This came in a televised statement by the group’s military spokesman, Yahya Saree, in which he affirmed the continuation of his group’s operations and attacks “as a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people and the inauguration of the tenth year of steadfastness in the face of the American-British aggression” against Yemen.

He said that the Houthi group “carried out 6 military operations during the past 72 hours with a large number of ballistic missiles and drones.”

It also “carried out a military operation targeting a number of Israeli targets in the Umm al-Rashrash area (Eilat) in southern occupied Palestine,” according to Saree.

He explained that the group targeted, in four joint operations, four ships: the American MAERSK SARATOGA in the Gulf of Aden, the American APL DETROIT in the Red Sea, the British HUANG PU in the Red Sea, and PRETTY LADY (flying the flag of Malta), all of which “were heading to the ports of occupied Palestine.”

He added, “The group’s air forces carried out a qualitative military operation targeting two American warship destroyers in the Red Sea,” without further details.


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2024-03-28 05:10:21

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