Latest developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine / 03.26.2024/

Ukraine – The Russian military operation continues in Ukraine, as the Russian army thwarts attempts by Kiev forces to carry out counterattacks, and advances on various axes, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy in equipment and lives.

  • The Russian army strikes sites of the Ukrainian intelligence and defense industry
  • Shoigu comments on “expectations of additional mobilization” due to the situation around Belgorod
  • For the second time in 72 hours.. “MiG-31” intercepts American bombers over the Barents Sea
  • Zakharova on Borrell’s statement: For the first time, the West speaks so frankly about its interests in Ukraine
  • Peskov describes the two moles attacked by “Crocus” as scum
  • 5 reasons to doubt ISIS’ responsibility for the Crocus attack
  • Did he slip his tongue or speak the truth? A Ukrainian presidential advisor points out who was responsible for the Crocus terrorist attack (video)
  • The Russian “Zirkon” hits his target in Ukraine with amazing speed and extreme accuracy.. How long did it take to fly?
  • Video documents Ukrainian soldiers disposing of the bodies of their comrades
  • Antonov: Russia will not run after the Americans if they do not want to cooperate on security matters
  • What does the exit window to Ukraine mean? .. Antonov comments on attempts to shift the compass of the investigation into the “Crocus” attack
  • Russian security identifies the person who masterminded the “Crocus” attack
  • Russian Defense: intercepted and destroyed 15 enemy Vampire and “Grad” shells over Belgorod at night
  • Peskov: It is too early to talk about Russia’s reaction if it is proven that Ukraine was involved in the Crocus attack.
  • “Not all of them will be sent to Ukraine.” Denmark intends to sell some of its F-16 aircraft to another country
  • Priest: The Ukrainian prisoners are relieved by the Russian treatment and demand that they not be exchanged
  • “Politico”: The $300 million that Washington allocated to Ukraine was now spent months before it was received.
  • Peskov: We must paralyze Ukraine’s ability to threaten the Russians and their security
  • Peskov: The Ukrainian issue cannot be settled without Russia
  • A Hungarian researcher questions ISIS’s responsibility for the terrorist attack in Crocus and accuses intelligence services
  • A British government report talks about the increasing threat of using nuclear weapons
  • Newspaper: Wheeled tanks are no longer popular among the world’s military
  • American media: Russian hovering bombs create terror among Kiev forces
  • Borrell: It is impossible to create a unified European army
  • European Union: We and Washington support Ukraine for our own interests and not out of love for its people
  • US State Department: If we receive information about a possible terrorist attack on Russia, we will inform Moscow
  • “Wall Street Journal”: The failure of the counterattack led to the Kiev forces losing confidence in regaining the areas they lost

Source: RT

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