Al Moutmir: Increase in olive yield per hectare by 34% in 2019/2020

The Al Moutmir olive tree demonstration platforms recorded, for the 2019-2020 campaign, an increase in yield per hectare of 34% compared to the yields achieved by farmers at the level of the control plots, indicates the OCP Group. .

The average yield recorded at the level of the demonstration platforms (PFD) was 5,750 Kg / ha, while the control plots recorded an average yield of 4,281 Kg / ha, according to the results of the Al Moutmir 2019-2020 demonstration platforms unveiled. by the OCP group.

Improved technical management as well as the use of new technologies, in particular specialty products, have contributed in a remarkable way to the improvement of the weight and size of the fruit by 12% compared to the control plots.

Regarding the oil rate, the PFDs recorded an improvement of 20% compared to the control plots, specifies the same source, adding that from a profit margin point of view, the integrated production program adopted in the demonstration platforms has resulted in an improvement of around 39%.

The demonstration platforms were thus an extremely important opportunity to share scientific and technical information with neighboring farmers and also provide training through hundreds of schools in the fields organized by the Al Moutmir teams during the different stages of production, underlines the communicated.

The OCP Group further indicates that a total of 1,195 demonstration platforms were installed during the 2019/2020 agricultural campaign, noting that the platforms are spread over the different agricultural provinces (30 provinces) in Morocco.

The olive tree demonstration platforms covered all the varieties, types of management (bour, gravity irrigation and localized irrigation) and operating mode (extensive and intensive) existing in the various production basins at the national level, specifies the same source.

“Thanks to the presence of a team made up of young agricultural engineers and experts, a scientific and agronomic approach will be adopted for the development of ICP (Integrated Crop Program) / crop, while taking into account the specific agro-climatic features of each site production, ”notes the OCP group, indicating that the team of agronomists will undertake regular scientific monitoring to be able to succeed with these platforms and also to assess the agronomic performance of each component of the yield.

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And to note that the PFD offer ensures the introduction of products of very high added value, citing as an example the nitrogen fertilizer Duramon characterized by the slow release technology which guarantees balanced nutrition to crops ”.

In addition, the olive tree PFDs have seen the introduction of a wide range of biostimulants and specialty products in order to stimulate the natural processes, whether they are root or aerial, to improve and favor the absorption of nutrients, the efficiency of nutrients. , tolerance to abiotic stresses, and crop quality. These agricultural products and techniques allow farmers to adopt the best agricultural practices to be able to increase yields and gains / ha.

The demonstration platforms program is supported by “best in class” partners who collaborate alongside agricultural engineers Al Moutmir, the same source said.

In addition, the olive tree platforms driven in Bour mode and irrigated showed increases of 31% compared to the farmer’s control, according to the results of the olive tree demonstration platforms 2018/2019. However the yield recorded at the level of the demonstration platforms was three times more than the national yield recorded in the provinces where cultivation is carried out in Bour.

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