Al-Murtada: The resigned government is constitutionally mandated to perform its duties – Al-Binaa Newspaper

The Minister of Culture in the caretaker government, Judge Muhammad Wissam al-Murtada, announced that “we would not allow the cabinet session (the day before) to be blown up yesterday, as there was no interest for anyone or the nation to blow it up.”
In an interview with the “National News Agency”, Al-Murtada said, “We have been keen to take into account the concerns of some, and have contributed to limiting the stumped issues to life files that do not tolerate any slack or postponement.”
And he stressed that “the resigned government is mandated, according to the constitution, to continue to perform its duties, especially those that are urgent and cannot bear postponement. On this basis, the cabinet met to perform its duties towards patients and official institutions.
He concluded, stressing that “the stage requires all of us to practice the highest levels of wisdom and awareness, in a spirit of cooperation away from negativity and emotionality.”

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