Al-Nasr Maayoun..and this player was treated with ruqyah after his treatment failed in France • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sports critic Saud Al-Sarami said that Al-Nasr Club is supported by some media professionals and critics.

Al-Sarami explained through the “My Experience with Behind My File” program: “Some media professionals frequently repeated the phrase (the one who gave victory gives us), after a commentator said it during the Al-Tai match, and linked this phrase to the injury of the four foreigners to victory.”

He added, “I believe in the eye, all clubs in the past, when a player was repeatedly injured, they used to take him to the sheikhs, and there is a player who treated him with ruqyah after his treatment failed in France.”

And he continued: “I took him to the sheikh of the imam of the Habib Mosque, and he did not take one riyal. The player went to France for 6 months, and the examinations said that he was healthy, but he came to me and said that when he goes down to the stadium, his body gets numb.”

And he concluded: “I asked him, and I was praying with a fanatical Nasrawi. I brought the player to him, read to him, and gave him oil to anoint his body, and only a month passed, and the coach of the national team included him in the list.”

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