Alaa Mubarak comments on the death of the son of the Egyptian artist, Hassan Youssef, by drowning in the northern coast

2023-07-30 04:21:07

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media interacted with the news of the death of the Egyptian artist’s son, Hassan Youssef, by drowning on the northern coast, according to the official in charge of the medical file at the Syndicate of Representative Professions in Egypt, artist Nihal Anbar, with a statement to Al-Ahram Gate.

Anbar said, according to Al-Ahram, that she “learned the news and that she is on the way to the family of the artist Hassan Youssef to support them, as she is in one of the villages adjacent to the place where Abdullah, son of the artist Hassan Youssef, drowned in El Alamein Hospital.”

Anbar stated that the son of the artist, Hassan Youssef, “died of what is called psexia, drowning in a village on the northern coast.”

Alaa, the son of the former Egyptian president, Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, commented on the news with a tweet in which he said: “Survival and permanence belong to God alone.

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