Alaska Earthquake Report: Real-time Updates and Preparedness Tips

2023-12-15 02:41:32

This is the official and updated real-time report from the United States Geological Survey of the tremors recorded in Alaska today, Friday, December 15, with information on the time, magnitude and epicenter of these telluric movements. It is worth mentioning that Alaska’s position in the Ring of Fire, ongoing subduction and plate movement, and the presence of internal faults contribute to its high frequency of tremors, which requires preparation and awareness of both the population and authorities. local.

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In this article, we will review, in addition to the , details about the state located in the extreme northwest of North America, in the Western region of the United States; such as the measures taken by the local government, valuable information on how to act before, during and after an event of this nature and more.

Tremor in Alaska today, Thursday, December 14 via USGS

While Alaska experiences a large number of earthquakes, most are minor tremors with little to no impact on the population. However, the possibility of large telluric events and tsunamis persists, which requires everyone to be informed and, above all, prepared.

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