Alberta teen pranks lead to HBO movie set being blocked | The Last of Us | Assault rifles | Filming scene

[The Epoch Times, March 10, 2023](Reporter Chen An compiles and reports) On March 7 (Tuesday), a Calgary judge was told that a young Alberta man died in his town of Olds in June last year. ) in his second-floor apartment, aiming an air gun at the set of The Last of Us, stopping key scenes from being filmed.

On June 1, 2022, on the set of “The Last of Us” on HBO’s premium television network, a costume assistant noticed someone in an apartment building aiming at the set with what appeared to be a real assault rifle and notified the production staff. security chief, but has since confirmed that the gun was actually an air rifle.

About 300 cast and crew members went into hiding, according to prosecutor Alyx Nanji. It was cordoned off for about 90 minutes until the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) cleared the scene.

Reece Wadden, then 18, testified that he simply used the scope on the gun to get a better view of the set, located below his second-floor apartment.

Affected by car accident

The RCMP charged Varden with mischief, illegal use of an imitation firearm and possession of a weapon.

Varden is on trial this week before Judge Brian Stevenson in Calgary Provincial Court.

Stevenson will make a decision after reviewing case law and closing arguments.

The incident influenced a key scene in the first episode of The Last of Us, in which a police car and a pickup truck collide and explode.

Executive producer Rose Lam testified that the crew shot key sequences in one take.

Production stopped for 90 minutes and 300 people, including stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, were taken to safety. The loss exceeds 50,000 yuan.

unintentional interference with filming

In closing arguments on March 7, defense attorney Peter Tesi said his client had no intention of committing a crime, noting that Varden apologized after his arrest.

“The intent of this is not to disrupt the filming of the HBO series ‘The Last of Us,'” Tessey said.

But Nankey argued that “the whole production crew was basically locked down” and “you can’t look through the scope without pointing the gun.”

Nankey thinks Vardon should know the consequences of aiming what looks like an assault rifle.

“Could he have foreseen that people would be terrified because there was a gun pointed at them outside the window? Of course, there is no doubt about it.”

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