Alberto Weretilneck thinks changes for Altec

2023-12-13 14:45:24

Governor Alberto Weretilneck The leadership of the state technology company Altec remains vacant, that in the new organizational chart he returned to the orbit of the Government, under the command of Federico Lutz, after a brief stint at the Ministry of Economy, in the last stretch of Arabela Carreras’ management.

Altec is dedicated to the “research, development and provision of comprehensive technological solutions that promote the modernization of medium and large organizational structures, state or private.” One of its axes It is the development of software, data centers and the internet connectivity network that it deploys in the most remote areas and towns of Rio Negro.

The company has around 200 workers and a history of more than 30 years. Its headquarters are in Bariloche, but it also has areas distributed in Viedma and General Roca.

Consulted by Diario RÍO NEGRO, Weretilneck said that He has no names for the presidency of Altec for now and stated that “it will depend on Federico Lutzfrom the Modernization area and we plan to implement some changes.

One of the central modifications that is on the president’s agenda could be the inclusion of private capital in the company, something that he outlined months ago during the transition period and that he now ratified as “possible.”

Weretilneck places its trust in Lutz to put together the new Altec scheme, like the Río Negro Innova Agencyboth under the orbit of the new Ministry of Government, Labor, Modernization and Tourism, led by the man from Bariloche, although they will be tied to the Secretariat of Modernization, which also does not have – for now – the designation of an official in charge.

The Altec company during the management of Arabela Carreras

In the transition, the governor had appointed the former legislator of the Renovador Front, Alejandro Ramos Mejía, as a link in the management of the company. It is unknown if he will follow that line or a more technical profile will go there.

At Altec, Alejandro Pablo Villegas, former undersecretary of the Treasury of the province appointed by Carreras in May of this year, was in charge of the presidency until Sunday, December 10, when he displaced Juan Ríos, a man who had arrived in 2021 at the company from the hand of Cipoleño Rodrigo Buteler, who until now had Altec under his portfolio. But the former governor decided to transfer it to Economy.

In the previous Weretilneck administration, the last president of Altec was Sergio Baroni, former Secretary of Administration of the Judiciary, who joined in 2018 and left office in August 2020, already in the Carreras government. The president appointed as the first head of her core company the executive director of the Río Negro Innova Agency, Soledad Gonnet, who was only in the company for six months, on a provisional basis.

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