Alessia and Jimmy passionately kissed and were almost found out by Hiro.

After the passionate kiss between Jimmy (George Guerra) y Alessia (Karime Scander), the young couple was almost discovered by Joel and Hiro after they went outside the Maldini Montalbán house to look for them. They hid in the bushes to avoid being seen and continued to kiss.

Charito’s son looked for Jaimito to accompany him to light some fireworks, but he ran away to continue kissing Alessia, who couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. At another time, Hiro went out to the patio of the house to appreciate the Christmas decorations despite the fact that he did not celebrate the holiday.

“I think you have to go home now,” Jimmy commented before saying goodbye to Alessia. Pepe’s nephew ensured that Montalbán’s daughter entered his home. Could it be that love finally triumphed and they will start their love relationship? What will happen to Kimberly and Remo? What will their respective families think?


After five years, In the background there is room return to the screens america television in a new season. This series is led by two families from different social classes, the Gonzáles, the Maldini and the Montalbán, who will present funny occurrences and unique stories for their viewers.

In addition, new characters such as Giovanni Ciccia, Úrsula Boza, Karime Scander, Jorge Guerra, Guadalupe Farfán, Franco Pennano, among others, appear to stir up the “Las Nuevas Lomas” neighborhood where all kinds of situations occur. Do not miss the ninth season of the television series from Monday to Friday at 8:40 p.m. You will be surprised!

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