Steven Jovetic of Hertha Berlin said that Millonarios was a B team in Colombia | soccer trivia

millionaires arrived in Orlando, United States, to play their first preseason match for the BetPlay League and participation in the preliminary phase of the Copa Libertadores, where hertha berlin from the German Bundesliga will play against the ambassador team, in a good challenge to measure conditions on Alberto Gamero’s payroll.

In Hertha Berlin they see it as a good preparation game to face Millionaires in search of resuming their level for the resumption of the Bundesliga, where the Montenegrin player, Stevan Jovetic, He spoke at a press conference about what that confrontation will be like, but when asked what he knew about Gamero’s team, he answered without hesitation that they are from the second division.

“We have looked at some images. From Millionaires, we know that it is from the second division and that they are second there and they are a good team. I think tonight we are going to watch a little better, to see how they play”.

Not being very convinced with the Millonarios style of play, Jovetic talked about Colombian soccer and highlighted the importance of world-renowned Colombian players such as Falcao and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

“I have played with some very quality Colombians: Falcao or Juan Guillermo Cuadrado. I think it will be a good test for them and for us”, Jovetic highlighted.

For the moment, the confusion and not knowing the exact history of Millionaires led Steven Jovetic to make a verbal mistake that is already reported on social networks, where fans of the ambassador club do not forgive the Montenegrin for having been inaccurate, confusing him with a team of the B of Colombia.

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