Alessia Rovegno: Luis Alfonso Borrego, Colombian driver, surrenders to Miss Peru for Miss Universe 2022: “A Peruvian with the crown”

One of his favourites. Miss Peru 2022, Alessia Rovegno, is on everyone’s lips after becoming one of the strongest candidates and sounds to liftr the crown in Miss Universe, which will take place on January 14 of this year. Some beauty experts and analysts comment on it. ThusLuis Alfonso Borrego He did not hesitate to praise the national representative and ensure that she will give a big surprise.

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‘Lucho Borrego’, host of “Sit who can” and Miss Universe expert, surprised to be in favor of the Peruvian model. The commentator even highlighted the evolution of Hugo García’s girlfriend and highlighted Jessica Newton’s work. Meanwhile, in the conversation he had with Christian Salazara renowned celebrity dentist in Colombia, both flattered the youngest of the Cayos.

“The Peruvian, alone, making all that transformation from super model to Miss, which is not such an easy change (…) a super model could also give her that freshness, a lot of impact, an impressive commercial record. She is a girl who Behind her, she also has a very good organization, which is always very aware of the process,” the Colombian dentist began.

Given this, Luis Alfonso commented on Alessia’s virtues. “I have always said, how good that you remind me of Peru because it is true, the range is great because for me, being that of all, the one that has the best impact is Alessia (…) She transforms, she is a classic beauty , which can go unnoticed, but her differentiating element (…) when she is on stage, she walks spectacularly,” added the expert.

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Luis Alfonso Borrego affirmed that there are injustices with Peru and that Alessia can make her “pretty” in the Miss Universe

At another point in the conversation that took placen Instagram, Colombian communicator Luis Alfonso Borrego did not hesitate to comment on the participation of Peruvians in the beauty pageant, Miss Universe. This commented on the last representative, Alesisa Rovegno. Likewise, she couldn’t help but mention Janick Macetawho also ‘broke’ it in the previous edition of the contest.

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