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A BIG STEP FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE. Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid They celebrated the baptism of their son Milan on Friday, March 24, as they announced in the photos and videos they shared on their social networks. The couple was accompanied on this important day for their little one by their family, … Read more

Alessia Rovegno speaks for the first time after Miss Universe: Was there a boycott or not? What do you think of the coronation of Miss USA? | TVMAS

Alessia Rovegno She is the Peruvian queen who reached the Top 16 in the 71st edition of Miss Universe. She is the highest representative of beauty in our country. She is the green-eyed blonde who loves ceviche and purple porridge. She is the singer and model who embraces diversity. She is from Peru and she … Read more

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USA It is the nation with the most crowns in the miss Universe. Throughout the history of the pageant, the Americans have had 8 winning representatives of the highest beauty competition. Know in this list who they are: – Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson (1954) – Carol Ann Laverne Morris (1956) – Linda Jeanne Bement (1960) – … Read more

Alessia Rovego | Why Jessica Newton suspects a ‘boycott’ of Peru in Miss Universe: “Her shoes and headdress weren’t there” | VIDEOS | show business | SHOWS

Jessica Newton it was pronounced after Alessia Rovegno told, in a live broadcast that he made through his Instagram account, los mishaps he suffered before parading in his typical costume in the preliminary round of the Miss Universe. READ ALSO: Hugo shines with Alessia’s family in Miss Universe and is unconditional: “You don’t know how … Read more

Alessia Rovegno on Instargram: Jessica Newton shares a video with a beautiful Andean costume after entering Miss Universe

Miss Peru, Alessia Rovegnois about to give everything in the 71st edition of Miss Universe to be held this January 14 in New Orleans, in the United States. It is because of that Jessica Newton, The organizer of Miss Peru does not hesitate to support her at all times and is proud of her at … Read more

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One of his favourites. Miss Peru 2022, Alessia Rovegno, is on everyone’s lips after becoming one of the strongest candidates and sounds to liftr the crown in Miss Universe, which will take place on January 14 of this year. Some beauty experts and analysts comment on it. ThusLuis Alfonso Borrego He did not hesitate to … Read more

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Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid They traveled to Spain a few days ago to receive Christmas with Jessica Newton and the other members of her family. However, the singer will not be able to receive 2023 next to his loved ones due to his work schedule. READ ALSO: Brunella never suspected that César … Read more

Deyvis Orosco: why do you always wear sunglasses even though there is no summer | Cassandra Sanchez | Instagram | Photos | entertainment

Deyvis Orosco is one of the artists most loved by Peruvians, but there is no lack of unfortunate comments made to him because of his curious look. On several occasions, if not all, the singer has worn dark glasses even though it is not summer. And as if that were not enough, we have also … Read more