Alessia Rovegno speaks for the first time after Miss Universe: Was there a boycott or not? What do you think of the coronation of Miss USA? | TVMAS

She is the Peruvian queen who reached the Top 16 in the 71st edition of Miss Universe. She is the highest representative of beauty in our country. She is the green-eyed blonde who loves ceviche and purple porridge. She is the singer and model who embraces diversity. She is from Peru and she is proud to be.

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In an interview with El Comercio, Rovegno Key She talks about her participation in the pageant that crowned R’Bonney Gabriel as Miss Universe 2022, the changes in the pageant, the rumors of alleged “sabotage” against her, and her personal and professional projects.

─Did the Miss Universe competition teach you anything?

Definitely personal growth. It was a very enriching experience. Many times, human beings stop doing things for fear of leaving our comfort zone, failing or being judged, and from this experience what I can rescue the most is to always go for more, giving your best and surpassing yourself. . I embrace every second of this process and carry it in my heart.

─Are you satisfied with the result?

I feel really happy and grateful. I believe that God has a perfect plan for each of us. Seeing my evolution in the whole process is a really satisfying feeling.

─Did you feel pressured by the beauty standards imposed by the pageant?

It was always clear to me that since I had never been in a contest before, I had a lot to learn, and that more than feeling pressure, it excited and motivated me. I never thought about what they will say, nor did I focus on the negative.

─Did you expect to enter the Top 16? What did it represent for you?

When one is in a competition, one aims to win and be the best. I felt very good throughout the competition, especially in the interview, which was one of the most important scores, so I was calm when they were about to call the top.

─Is it true that in the preliminary competition someone tore your dress? Was there a boycott or not?

I don’t know where they got that they tore my dress (Laughter). It is true that it broke up and that I had to go out with someone else, but I never said anything because these are things that happen, the important thing is to solve them.

─There was also talk of sabotage because the wings of your traditional costume were broken and your shoes were lost….

At the time of wearing the typical costume, at show time, we tried to put it together and it was broken. Two minutes left to go out and the wings were not working. That does not mean that they sabotaged me, nobody knows what happened, maybe it broke when we moved it from the hotel to the location of the show. In addition, the suit made by Beto Pinedo was so spectacular that it stood out on its own.

─Stephanie Cayo warned: “No one takes the wings of someone who is made to fly.” How did you receive her words?

That saying is very true. Stephanie and my entire family have been a tremendous support to me. The women in my family are very close, together we push each other and help each other, each one in her essence is an inspiration to me, it is a blessing to have them.

─How did you receive criticism about your participation in the contest?

I am very relaxed, sometimes so much that I get scared (Laughter). There will always be criticism and I have had that in mind since I was very young. I don’t listen to them and I don’t let them affect me. Happiness depends on yourself, it is better to ignore destructive comments and do what you have to do to achieve your goals, as well as surround yourself with people who support you.

─In the next edition of Miss Universe, married women with children will be able to participate. What do you think of the changes in the contest?

A woman is fully capable of fulfilling both roles at the same time.. I love children and if I could have 10 children I would have them, but I have never doubted whether I am going to continue working or not. I love that they are opening the doors to more women who also have the dream of being Miss Universe.

─What did you think of the election of R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss United States, as Miss Universe?

I met her during the contest and she seems like a nice girl, quite mature. I know she received a lot of criticism when she was crowned Miss USA and also when she won Miss Universe. Being Miss Universe is not a prize, it is a job and one is going to apply for that job. If she’s there, it’s because she tried hard and worked hard to achieve it.. I don’t think it’s fair that she’s attacked like that. Nobody deserves that cyberbullying that they did. More empathy is needed, as a society we must join and motivate each other instead of destroying ourselves.

─What do you think of R’Bonney Gabriel’s decision to give up his commitments as Miss USA to dedicate himself 100% to his new duties as Miss Universe?

Her goal was to win Miss Universe, she won and now her focus is there.

-Who was your favourite?

(laughs) I keep that to myself. I really competed with myself and it was like that during all the preparation and competition.

─ Do you think there has been a change in your life after participating in the Miss Universe?

It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. A truly enriching experience that has left me with many positive things and I feel grateful for it. They will find out about news soon.

What activities will you carry out as Miss Peru in this time that you have left of your reign?

Inside or outside my reign, I will continue with social works, which is something that fills my heart. I have always said that doing the work that a Miss Peru does has to be part of you from before and after too, and the preparation is not only for the reign but for your life.

─How did you celebrate your 25 years?

My birthday was just coming up after Miss Universe and at that time it was uncertain if I was going to spend it with my family that day or not. We ended up going to the snow, I disconnected a bit from work to be with them and enjoy them. It was a wonderful trip. When the family trip was coming to an end, Hugo showed up with tickets to Hawaii that he had bought the day before. He couldn’t believe it, Hawaii is a destination he wanted to visit, it was a dream trip.

Will music continue to be part of your activities?

Of course. Many surprises are coming and I can’t wait to tell you everything. I am really excited and happy. I have a musical duet with my sister that I put on hold to focus 100% on Miss Universe, but now we’re back with a bang.

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