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For a full 10 years, the unanimous decision of the municipal council, which referred to the renaming of the circular square at the intersection of Kilkis and Konstantinoupoleos streets and is part of the square, to “Alki Stea” square, has remained unenforceable. Northern Epirus.

The municipal council had unanimously decided on the mayorship of Dimaras the renaming of the square, following a relevant recommendation of the “Naming Advisory Committee” (item 12 of the Agenda of the 2nd Meeting of the municipal council, of January 29, 2014).

The issue was brought back, 10 years later, at yesterday’s Board of Directors of the Carnival Organization the “spiral”through its representative in the Council, Akias Stamatison the occasion of this year’s 25th anniversary of the death of the late Alkis Steas, who was the “voice” of the Patron Carnival and its Hidden Treasure, from 1967 to 1999 continuously.

It is worth mentioning that March 9, 2024 coincides with the penultimate Saturday of this year’s Halloween, a day with special significance for both our Carnival and the 59th Hidden Treasure that will culminate in the city that weekend. It is noted, moreover, that March 9 is not usually part of the carnival season, as is hopefully the case this year.

In her intervention at the Board of Directors of KEDIP – Carnival Arts, Akia Stamati noted among other things: “We consider the completion of a quarter of a century since the death of Steas, as the ideal opportunity for the city of Patras to proceed with the third and greatest expression of honor, by naming a square in his memory. The proposed square is located at the end of Kilkis Street, at a symbolic point for the Patrinos Carnival, exactly where crews and floats end up after Sunday’s Great Parade.”

It should be mentioned that the president of KEDIP, Ira Kouri, as well as the mayor Kostas Peletidis, had voted in favor of the ten-year-old decision of the municipal council to name Alkis Stea square.

Mrs. Kouri also appeared positive yesterday and committed to bringing the issue to the next meeting of the Board of Directors of KEDIP.

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