All against football madness; ‘It is not right to walk with flags of anti-Islamic countries’

Kozhikode: Samasta Kerala Jam-iyatul Khutba against football addiction. The Association of Imams of all mosques has suggested that star worship should not cross the line. Flying the flags of anti-Islamic countries is not right. Samasta clarifies that personal worship of stars is against monotheism and the message will be delivered after noon prayers in mosques today.

Samasta’s proposal comes at a time when the whole state is in the excitement of World Cup football. The organization directed the khatibs to request the faithful not to indulge in riots and uncontrolled celebrations in the name of ‘football fever’.

In a message to the khatibs on Thursday, the committee reminded that although football is not a prohibited sport for Muslims, there are certain limits imposed by the religion. “Football should not be an addiction. Certain games and players influence us, but we must be careful that these influences do not become a kind of addiction. Anything that makes us forget our responsibilities is an addiction,” says Samasta. Samasta also reminded that Muslims should not skip congregational prayers because of the game.

A call to abstain from hero worship

“Many football matches in India are played at night. “Those who watch matches at night should be careful not to interrupt the congregational prayers,” the message said. Khutba Committee General Secretary Nasser Faizi Koodatai said that it is natural for football lovers to have an interest in a particular player. But interest should not be allowed to grow to the level of worship and to become slaves or fans, he said.

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Referring to the celebrations in nooks and crannies of the state, particularly in Malabar, with cut-outs and flex boards of footballers, Koodatai said – “This growth cannot be attributed to love for the game. It’s just an expression of hero worship, and it’s dangerous. “We should worship only Allah, hero worship may lead to shirk (polytheism),” he said.

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Koothai said that people should watch the matches with the spirit of sportsmanship without developing attachment to a person or country. “Hoisting of flags of countries like Portugal, India’s first colonial aggressor, or countries hostile to Islam should be discouraged,” he said. Koodatai said that Islam forbids indulging in unregulated sports and games or making life a form of entertainment.

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