All against football madness; ‘It is not right to walk with flags of anti-Islamic countries’

Kozhikode: Samasta Kerala Jam-iyatul Khutba against football addiction. The Association of Imams of all mosques has suggested that star worship should not cross the line. Flying the flags of anti-Islamic countries is not right. Samasta clarifies that personal worship of stars is against monotheism and the message will be delivered after noon prayers in mosques … Read more

mass protests after film premieres – Culture – Kommersant

Created by Egyptian-born Nakula Basili Nakula, the anti-Islamic short was never released: two versions of the 14-minute video were posted on YouTube. The tape tells about the life of the Prophet Muhammad in a caricature and offensive form, exposing him as a homosexual and a molester. Dressed in rags and smeared with mud, the actors … Read more

“The Geld fireman, he must be good at everything!”

Published on Monday, September 5, 2022 at 06:30 Par Sabrina Berhin A new firefighter specialty has been launched in Charleroi. The men of fire who follow her will group together under the name “Geld”, for “long-term exploration group”. A kind of fire commando. In short, “super firefighters”. A team of “super firefighters” will soon see … Read more

Scientists finally unravel the map of the entire human genome, revealing hidden regions | Science and Ecology | D.W.

Scientists claim to have finally assembled the entire genetic blueprint for human life, adding the missing pieces to a puzzle nearly completed two decades ago. An international team described the first sequencing of a complete human genome – the set of instructions to build and maintain a human being – in research published in May … Read more

IPO Reference Weekly Report | Vanke intends to spin-off Wanwuyun to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Original Title: IPO Reference Weekly Report | Vanke intends to spin off Wanwuyun to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Author: Orange Song Reading Lang’s second delivery form to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange On November 4, Shulang Education Holdings Co., Ltd. once again submitted a listing application to the main board of … Read more

Comirnaty: Pfizer’s vaccine against covid-19 with FDA approval – Health

The United States Drug Administration (FDA) has fully approved the vaccine against covid-19 from the pharmaceutical Pfizer- BioNTech, which becomes the first vaccine against SARS Cov-2 with a sanitary registration that allows it to be used in any condition. This biological, from now on will be marketed under the name of ‘Comirnaty’ and was approved … Read more