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The palace may have announced that King Charles, who has been diagnosed with cancer, will return to some of his duties, but that doesn’t mean palace officials aren’t…preparing for all eventualities.

It’s a tradition started by the current king’s father, Prince Philip, who first organized his own funeral and… forced Elizabeth to do it too, upsetting the queen. Thus, the plans for the funeral of King Charles also exist and after the diagnosis that he is suffering from cancer, they are renewed, as the British media say.

This is Operation Menai Bridge “Operation Menai Bridge”, i.e. the plan of the king’s funeral.

Rumors that plans for the king’s funeral are being renewed “sparked” when a source close to King Charles commented to the Daily Beast that the progress of his health due to cancer is not encouraging: “He is determined to beat cancer and everyone has fallen on of. Everyone remains optimistic, but he is really, really sick. More than they let on.”

King Charles III ascended the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September 2022.

Before he had even completed two years of reign, the royal family received the unfortunate news that he had been diagnosed with cancer following surgery in January 2024 for a benign prostate enlargement.

On Friday 26 April 2024, it was reported that the monarch’s health had deteriorated and plans for his funeral were being updated. But then came the announcement from the Palace that King Charles is doing better and his doctors have allowed him to return to some of his public duties.

However, palace officials regarding the renewal of plans for his funeral speak of a formal procedure unrelated to the course of the monarch’s health.

Planning for the future of the throne has been put into action under the code name ‘Operation Menai Bridge’.

Page Six explains all the planning from how the bad news will be announced to the funeral and the new king.

What is Operation Menai Bridge?

Operation Menai Bridge is the code name for the plan to kill Charles.

It is also the name of the first iron suspension bridge connecting the island of Anglesey to mainland Wales.

The way in which Operation Menai Bridge will develop after Charles’ death will be similar to that of the 10-day plan Operation London Bridge, the code name used for the funeral of his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Preparations for Charles’ death reportedly began after he came to the throne, according to former royal protection officer Simon Morgan.

“Unfortunately, from tomorrow morning, planning for Operation Menai Bridge will begin in earnest,” he told Today in September 2022.

“Even the king said when he assumed power that he would take on this role as long as life allowed him. He’s 73 years old, we have to keep that in the back of our minds.”

How Operation Menai Bridge will be done

After Charles’ death, his eldest son, Prince William, is next in line to become king, and William’s wife, Kate Middleton, will become queen consort.

Several people will be told of the king’s death – including his family, the prime minister, the minister, other senior ministers and officials and the Privy Council office – by his personal secretary.

An “official notice” will then be issued to inform the public, and there is protocol for how officials should break the news.

The Cabinet Secretary will email ministers and senior civil servants and then flags in Whitehall will be flown at half-mast.

The Prime Minister will be the first government official to make a statement, the Ministry of Defense will provide gun salutes and a minute’s silence will be announced for the nation.

The prime minister will then meet with the new king, William, who will address the nation, just as his father did when Elizabeth died.

In the days leading up to the king’s funeral, there will be concrete plans for how he will be mourned by various dignitaries as his coffin lies in Buckingham Palace’s throne room at Westminster Hall.

Charles will be laid to rest in the royal vault at the King George VI Chapel of Remembrance at Windsor Castle.

According to Politico, the royal family’s website will change and the page will be black with a short text confirming the king’s death.

“The UK Government website – GOV.UK – will display a black banner at the top. All social media pages of government ministries will also display a black banner and change their profile pictures to their ministry emblem,” the report added.

Why kings need code names
The code names for royal deaths were initially started to prevent the news from leaking to the press before the official announcement.

The use of code names prevented the media from learning the news before it became public.

It is recalled that King Charles was diagnosed in early February 2024 with cancer and is undergoing treatment.

The king had chosen to make his prostate treatment public, with the aim of encouraging more men to get regular checkups, the palace said at the time.

He personally informed his family about the new data on his health condition.

Charles first informed his sons Prince William and Prince Harry – who rushed to London to see his father – and his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Kate Middleton has also been diagnosed with cancer after abdominal surgery in January and is undergoing preventive treatment.

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