Allegations against the Federal President: Melnyk: “Sensitivity is a foreign word for Steinmeier”

allegations against the President
Melnyk: “Sensitivity is a foreign concept for Steinmeier”

Steinmeier shared Putin’s thoughts that there is no Ukrainian people – with such claims the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Melnyk, attacks the German Federal President. In addition, Steinmeier woven his connections to Russia like a “spider web”.

According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has a highly questionable political affinity with Russia. “For Steinmeier, the relationship with Russia was and remains something fundamental, even sacred, no matter what happens. Aggressive wars don’t play a major role either,” Melnyk told the Tagesspiegel.

From the point of view of Russian President Vladimir Putin, there is no Ukrainian people, no language, no culture, and therefore no state. “Steinmeier seems to share the idea that Ukrainians are actually not a subject,” said Melnyk. Germany still has too many self-interests in relation to Russia, such as dependence on gas, oil and coal. Steinmeier’s actions as head of the chancellery and later as foreign minister are also to blame, Melnyk told the newspaper.

“Steinmeier has been creating a spider’s web of contacts with Russia for decades. A lot of people are involved in this who are now in charge at traffic lights,” he said – and named Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s foreign policy adviser, Jens Plötner, and State Secretary im Foreign Office, Andreas Michaelis. There were also many important ambassadors.

“He has no relation to us Ukrainians”

“It all makes a difference,” said Melnyk. Referring to a Ukraine solidarity concert given by the Federal President, which he boycotted and at which Russian musicians were also supposed to perform, Melnyk said: “In my view, the concert was a clear signal to Moscow, maybe even to show Putin: I’m holding the fort here .” Steinmeier knows how sensitive the topic is. “Sensitivity is foreign to Steinmeier, at least when it comes to Ukraine.”

When asked about the fact that Steinmeier, in his speech on re-election as Federal President, settled accounts with Putin like never before, Melnyk said he didn’t buy that. “He has no relation to us Ukrainians. Steinmeier doesn’t know what to do with us, even though he himself was in Kyiv and even in Lviv.”

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