“Alleged Fight Between Ricardo Márquez and Coach Rodriguez: The Truth Behind the Rumors”

2023-04-24 03:37:45

Carlos Antonio Vélez mentioned in full transmission that there would have been a fight between the two.

With the absence of Ricardo ‘Caballo’ Márquez in the squad against Millonarios, rumors of an alleged fight between the player and his coach Claudio Sergio Rodríguez became strong. In the middle of the transmission, the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez referred to the issue and speculated about a bruise that the coach had.

After the game and in the middle of a press conference, the Argentine was consulted by a journalist from Santa Marta about the alleged acts of indiscipline of the ‘Caballo’, which would have caused his disappearance in the draw (1-1) against his former team.

“To make it official, what happened to Ricardo Márquez? There is a run run that he could have been rude to you,” the journalist asked.

The coach responded without hesitation and cleared up any doubts: “Nothing, I gave ‘Caballo’ some instructions and I thought that today was not the game. He came with us on the bus. I called 20 players and decided that he was left out of the 18 . Nothing has happened”.

And he finished by saying that “Insults and grievances on the pitch are different. I was a player who insulted and yelled at my teammates, but encouraged. Other languages ​​are used on the pitch but nothing abnormal. It’s a decision.”

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