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2023-12-05 23:02:00
Lin Mengchen made his debut as the runner-up in “The King of Sound”. (Photo/Photo by Zhao Shiping)

Lin Mengchen, the runner-up in the first season of the talent show “The King of Voices”, was immediately spotted by his mentor Jam Hsiao and joined the company as an artist. He was only 17 years old at the time and thought that his star luck would take off like this. Unexpectedly, God made a joke. A picture Not only was he unable to fly, but he also fell. He recently rebounded and collaborated with SkullyOSkully to release the single “It’s Good”. He accepted an exclusive interview with “TVBS News Network” and admitted that he became famous out of nowhere at the time, and he never thought about it. On this day, I originally thought there would be a follow-up, but I didn’t expect that after receiving the order, I fell to the ground like a plane descending.

Lin Mengchen received a lot of attention due to the competition and instantly became a household name. However, the reality was not as good as he expected. He revealed that after serving in the army, the number of activities dropped instantly, “I just felt like whether the plane was going to fly or not. I was very excited and always prepared. It’s like sitting in first class, but the flight attendant said that the flight would be delayed, and he was stuck at the airport, waiting for the next flight.” He had no activities or schedule at all, and would start to blame himself for what he had done wrong, and he had even stolen money because of it. cried.

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Especially since he is the first star in the family, his mother will be proud of it. She goes everywhere to show off to relatives and friends. Grandma also promotes it in the tribe. Everyone is watching Lin Mengchen shine. Unexpectedly, when the activities are all empty, he can only He told his mother that “the manufacturer has temporarily changed the time” and other reasons, which disappointed his family. He was constantly confused, “I didn’t suffer like this,” “I didn’t do anything bad,” and “Why did God do this to me?” These voices kept appearing in his mind. .

Later, he also terminated his contract with Magpie Entertainment and was asked if he had asked his boss Jam Hsiao for help? Lin Mengchen admitted that he didn’t have much contact with Jam Hsiao because he also flew around. However, he talked about music at a company party and recording shows in mainland China. “I didn’t ask for help. I asked about my future plans. I was very worried at the moment. “Disappointed”, but Lin Mengchen emphasized that there was no unpleasantness in the cooperation. It was a pleasure to get along with his colleagues and I learned a lot. It’s just that the two sides had different ideas. “For me at Magpie, in addition to gratitude, I only have gratitude. Fortunately, there is Magpie, so I have The method becomes mature in the entertainment industry.”

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When Lin Mengchen was at his lowest point, he felt like his mood was going up and down like the stock market. He would be out of breath and very uncomfortable. His mentality was a bit broken and he couldn’t accept the reality, so he allowed himself to settle down. During these periods, he also felt the warmth and warmth of human relationships. “People There are no friends you can’t make in good times, and in bad times you can see who your friends are.” He said in a calm tone: “The only call records at that time were my parents.” It sounded extremely sad. He locked himself at home and drank. Suppressing that emotion, there was a scene he would never forget. His mother sat next to him and said to him, “Baby, it’s better if we just be ordinary people.” At that moment, he collapsed, wondering why even his mother had given up on him.

Fortunately, when he was about to give up, a friend who was a musician called him and asked him why he didn’t make music. He said to him, “Don’t waste your talent.” He suddenly woke up and said, “Yes. Why should I waste my talent? I should insist on not having any performances, but my talent is still there, and then I can influence the outside world.” He is very competitive and cannot accept giving up. In addition, there are some noble people. Let him continue on the path of music.

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