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Already turned black: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle published the answer to Carl lll

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The strife in the royal family does not subside. At the beginning of the mourning for Elizabeth II, it seemed to many that both the newly-made king and Prince William and his wife were trying to take certain steps towards the disgraced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, in reality, the confrontation continues.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the UK immediately after the official end of mourning for the late Queen. The conflict with Charles lll could not be resolved, and immediately after the departure of the “inconvenient” son and his wife, the monarch published a new official portrait of the British royal family. In the picture he posed with his wife Camilla, as well as Prince William with Kate Middleton. The photo was taken shortly before the Queen’s funeral, but the Dukes of Sussex were not invited to join.

This act clearly offended Prince Harry. Last evening, a new official portrait of the disgraced Duke and Duchess appeared on the Web. It was published on his page by Misan Harriman, a famous British photographer. The shot was taken during the One Young World Summit. Fans are convinced that Meghan Markle asked Harriman to publish these photos right now.

In the photo, Harry poses in a classic black suit and blue tie. Meghan, for this outing, chose a red jumpsuit with an elegant scarf. Misan took one of his most expressive shots in black and white. The royal photographer’s followers are showering the dukes with compliments – it looks like they’ve managed to get their way and outshine the news of a new official portrait of the royal family that doesn’t feature them.

The Dukes of Sussex appear everywhere together

Recall that immediately after Karl lll ascended the throne, Meghan Markle officially requested a meeting with him. The monarch refused the daughter-in-law. In addition, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now at the very bottom of a rather impressive list of members of the royal family on the official website. The reason for this hostility – not only the too long language of the star of the series “Force Majeure”.

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