Also appeared in “Ookami-chan-kun”! New model Hibiki’s first blog[Suzuki Hibiki blog]

nice to meet you all!

I’m Hibiki Suzuki, the new exclusive model for Men’s Nonno!

I still haven’t really felt that I’ve become the men’s non-no model that I’ve longed for, but seeing myself in the magazine again made me feel so much stronger.

While absorbing a lot of things, I would like to do my best with my own personality fully open!

And actually, until recently, I was appearing in ABEMA’s “Wolf Series”.

The other day I reached the final episode, but I was able to make really important friends, and it has become an important work for me!

I think I was able to make really good summer memories.

The photo is from the recording of the dropout times.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look! !

From now on, as an exclusive model for Men’s Nonno, I will always do my best with 100% of my heart!

Please provide some support! ! ! !

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