“Ambition”, 11th episode of the series behind the scenes of the French team

Tonight France begins its EuroBasket in Cologne with an oh so tricky clash against the German host, led this year by Dennis Schroder, Franz Wagner and Daniel Theis. The opportunity to zoom in on a word that matters to Vincent Collet and his players: ambition.

We change tone for this eleventh episode, this time with a heavier phrasing, full of meaning. Here we are talking about ambition, knowing where you are going, being able to quantify your desire to be an athlete, to set yourself a real goal. Without that, no success unless you are clearly above the fray, which is not the case for the French team and Collet likes to remind his players of this. A few hours before the first match of the competition, it will therefore be necessary to know in which direction to move forward, as co-captain Rudy Gobert puts it so well, who lets go of us in this episode. a statement that seems to have come from Commissioner Gobert’s mouth in Taxi.

In the French team, as in life, you have to have a specific goal. If you start the car and you don’t know where you want to go… you’re going in circles. And you’re wasting gas. And you’re wasting your time. – Rudy Gobert

Evan Fournier then recalls that it is also the legacy of a few elders that today means that there is a status to be respected when you are the French team. The prize list is extensive but can be even more so, on the condition of having a follow-up in ideas and not showing up only to play basketball. No, a Euro can be won, at least that is the objective that we must set ourselves in EDF in 2022.

No ego crisis, no question of seeing yourself higher than anyone else, just realizing that this team has something special, on and off the pitch. The goal? The gold medal. Because what do we have? Ambition is in the title and it will help the Blues to bring it back, the title.

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